Product Care

Care Instructions- Your Lambskin Jackets

  1. Please note, due to the delicacy of the leather, your leather may have a tendancy to tear if not looked after.
  2. Apply water and stain repellent when possible to allow for an easy clean up regarding any spillages or mishaps you may have with your jacket if worn often. Otherwise, once every 1-2 months.
  3. If leather begins to crack (tends to happen with quality leather) apply leather conditioner if you note any cracks or dry areas.
  4. Please take extra care with your leather, depending on your drycleaner an entire clean may potentially damage your jacket, the best way of keeping your leather looking fresh and new is treating it with care.
  5. For any faux fur- such as the Atacama Jacket, brush interior with a clothing brush to keep the fabric feeling soft and fresh.

Care Instructions for Claudio Ramirez Jewellery

  1. The designer prefer that you do not polish any of the pieces you purchase but rather use a cotton cloth to clean the pieces when needed. The rings are created in their utmost raw state (this may not include any stones used in the pieces).
  2. Protect jewellery by removing when washing your hands or wearing in when showering. 

Care Instructions for Sheepskin Rugs

  1. Avoid direct sunlight at all times to prevent UV damage and fading. 
  2. Shake item regularly.
  3. Dry vacuum regularly, especially if you choose to use on the floor. 
  4. Please remember the sheepskin is dyed, any use of sheepskin care product is at buyer's complete risk.